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Dear Business Partner

we are still there for you!

In our company we have developed preventive measures to maintain internal procedures as well as logistic processes. At the moment we have no restrictions in the area of goods procurement and transport. Your orders will therefore continue to be processed as usual.
You can reach us by e-mail at info@mib-messzeuge.de and of course by phone at 05663-9479-0 during the usual opening hours.

The MIB team will do its best to deliver all orders as quickly as possible.

Please let us know if you cannot accept ordered goods at the moment due to closures. Thank you very much.
Take care of yourself!

We print climate neutral!

Climate change is a much discussed topic, also for us.

We see climate neutrality as a very important approach to make an effective contribution to the environment.

By printing our promotional items we produce CO2, which we cannot avoid but we can compensate for it in a sensible way. The compensation of CO2 emissions is an important step for us in holistic climate protection and we support recognized protection projects. You can be sure that all our promotional items are printed climate neutral and produced in Germany. In this way, we can guarantee the high quality that you know from our catalogs and brochures and avoid unnecessary transport routes.

And not only our catalogs will arrive climate-neutrally, each of your orders will be shipped with GLS KlimaProtect, thus 100% climate-neutral. In this way we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve our own environmental balance every day.

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